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Proef is an applied trend forecasting consultancy with offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Rotterdam and Lille. We can support you with trend research befitting your brand, help you envision your future adoption strategy or develop ways to emotionally connect with your target audience. We believe in a dynamic approach resulting in a team that fits your needs, no redundancies or rigid processes. Our work is tailored, from strategy to team; making us agile, adaptable, efficient and relevant. Most of our clients tend to keep us secret. Proefspace is a way for Proef to bring trends to life and provide a platform for design–minded, paradigmatic or inspirational ideas. Our team designs, builds, hosts, runs and helps market and position concepts in the space.
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PROEF - (n) Dutch [proof]: Try out, test, assay, experiment. 1
 - (n) English [proof]: A demonstration of the truth of a
BUREAUS - San Francisco / New York  
Los Angeles / Amsterdam
mathematical or logical statement, based on axioms and theorems from those axioms. Portland / Lille
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